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October 10, 2008

This blog may contain opinions that you possibly do not agree with and it can post the sentiments of various individuals in this development.  It has previously allowed opinions and/or criticisms concerning the first board president and the second board president. This site may allow homeowners opinions to be posted….. IF YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT IS ON THIS SITE…….DON’T SIGN ON TO IT!   If you don’t want to know what your neighbors opinions are…..don’t read this site!   

The Estates HOA website/Yahoo Groups site had a mission statement that it would not allow personal attacks…..but it did. The previous president, secretary and a communications committee member allowed  postings that were absolutely not germane to HOA business, but were specific and intentional personal attacks, on a site that was board sanctioned. It is refreshing to see that the new board will not allow such assaults and has revised policy requiring that names and lot numbers be included in each posting. But, as a sanctioned site, the new policy for postings are not yet restrictive enough and should be rewritten. 

Many HOA websites have separate functions on the same site. Various HOA websites have board business postings and another separate area allowing homeowner (community comment) opinions. The site you are currently viewing is for opinions. If you are offended and can’t deal with the opinions of others….then do not read any further. There is no profanity on this site, but views of individuals that you may not agree with.

The definition of opinion is- the view somebody takes about an issue, especially when it is based solely on personal judgment. “Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005.”


The Divisiveness Continues

December 14, 2008

If any of you thought that the dissension from the ex president would cease, you are wrong. Many members (even a couple of his own supporters) of this association hoped that all the venom from this man would end and the association might start to heal. If you read his web site, you will definately observe that is far from the case. This man continues to cast dispersions on all the current board members and is critical of their every action. Nothing the board does goes without his criticism.  This blog site could respond to his most recent diatribe and half truths, but it’s not worth the effort. The true facts that have been stated on this blog speak for themselves.

To his supporters who delight in this mans actions and encourage it, you are also part of the problem.  To those of you who despise his tactics and what he is doing to this association, speak up and demand of him to cease and desist.

Passing The Blame!

November 30, 2008

The ex president felt that it was much easier to pass blame for all his blunders concerning the path/walkway, and on Monday, November 24, 2008 he wrote this on his web site;  Unbelievable!Nobody could make this stuff up – it’s just too crazy !” “ In “Watchdogone’s” last rant, posted on November 21st, the “Watchdog” goes to the extreme to make a case that the BOD in general and the “ex-President” specifically, stopped all path maintenance to “attack” the county and the developer thereby forcing them to do the maintenance “. “Does “Watchdogone” think we have all forgotten that it was THE OWNER of the WATCHDOG website that filed a formal complaint with the Illinois Department of Agriculture.” “Doesn’t “Watchdogone” understand that it was this filing that halted all attempts to control the weeds on the path while a full investigation was conducted and it was during this time that the weeds grew out of control.”

It so much more convenient to blame someone else for ones missteps than taking any responsibility. It’s really the adult thing to do.

Priorities! What Each Board Deems Important

November 21, 2008

This is being re-posted at the request of several readers of this blog. The original was inadvertently deleted from its 19 November posting. Since this was required to be recreated, it my not follow the orginal in totalility. 

On November 17, the BOD held a special meeting in which various subjects were addressed. One topic under discussion was what has been done to collect the outstanding money owed to the association from members who are deliquent in the payment of their assessments. It has been reported that when the developer/DePaulo turned over the association to the membership in April 2007, the outstanding amount owed the HOA was approximately $25,000. The first BOD through February 9, 2008, worked diligently and collected approximately $20,000 of the outstanding money owed. At the November 17, 2008 meeting, it was reported that the HOA is currently owed approximately$17,500 in outstanding assessments and fees from delinquent members. It was also reported that between February 9, 2009 through October 7, 2008, the BOD under the leadership of the former president did little to collect the outstanding money owed the HOA. From February 9 through August 2008, the ex treasurer and/or the ex-president did not feel it a priority in making any attempt in collecting the money owed the HOA. Therefore the past president and or the past treasurer never attempted, i.e., via the mailing of late notices or phone calls to collect what was owed the association. At the June 17, 2008, BOD meeting, a member in attendance questioned the board members what the board was doing to collect the money owed to the association. No response was given.  

In reference to the HOA path/walkway and its current condition. Opinion from an engineer for Kendall County, stated that the paths current condition is such, because of lack of any maintenance during calender year 2008. The majority of the previous board dictated that no maintenance whatsoever be performed to the path, thereby intending to show its displeasure to Mr. Joe DePaulo and the Kendall County Department of Planning, Building and Zoning. The majority of the board openly stated that by not conducting any preventative maintenance on the path, the path would deteriorate and the county and DePaulo would be forced to make the necessary repairs. An agreement with Yingling Landscaping stated  they were to conduct regular spraying of the path, thereby preventing and killing off any vegetation that might grow through the crushed limestone. The ex president told Yingling Landscaping that he wanted no spraying done to the pathway other than the one spraying done early in the year. Hence, the vegetation grew wild through the crushed limestone and the board announced to the membership that the path/walkway should not be used, because it was not safe. This plan of attack against Kendall County PB&Z and Depaulo did absolutely nothing. DePaulo stated he would do nothing additional to the path and the county only withheld approximately $4700 of DePaulo’s bond money for any future path repairs.

From February 9, 2008 through October 7, 2008, the majority of the board dictated additional rules, regulations and policies without the approval of the membership. The priority of the board was on new rules, regulations and policies, over and above what was already in the CCR.  The path became so unsafe that the board demanded that the members not walk or ride on it. The outstanding assessments and fees went uncollected. 

The membership demands certain standards from its BOD.   1) The yearly fees and assessments are collected fairly and equally, 2) the development is safe for its members, 3) the community is maintained.  

The board has a responsibility to the membership to do everything in their power to collect the assessments.  With the current state of the economy, some members may have difficulty paying their assessments in a timely fashion, but the onus is on the board to make every effort to collect assessments and fees. This is a priority!

Making A Mockery of This HOA

November 5, 2008

The former president of this HOA is making a TOTAL mockery of all its members, including his fellow board members, as it relates to the October Surprise/Farris Surprise and the issues concerning units 3 and 4. The former president is making a major issue of not being provided copies of the documents Paula Mueller copied from the Kendall County Recorders office. Why all the fuss, his friend and neighbor has already provided all the same copies to him, many, many days prior. The former president has called for a special meeting on Saturday, without even asking the other board members if they were available, which they are not. The former president feels he is the only person who can understand the documentation, and ….the judge, jury and executioner. This concern is being studied by an attorney authorized by the BOD who will report back with his findings. This whole issue (letter from Farris attorney) just came to light last Wednesday. DePaulo’s office has been contacted, the Farris attorney has been contacted and all documentation is being provided to an attorney for review. This attorney will then make a recommendation  to the BOD. What purpose will a Saturday meeting have, unless the former president and his friend/neighbor Farris will make a presentation, which will prove that they were/are acting in concert. The former president has just added to his web site a letter addressed from Farris to the BOD. Who is the former president representing here?  Where are his loyalties? Is this the correct action of a board member?  It is very apparent the former president is siding with Farris versus being an objective board member. It is very obvious that the former president has been aware of and acting in concert with Farris all along, as it pertains to the issues of defection of units 3 and 4 from the Estates Of Millbrook HOA.  

Why would anyone (former president) call a special meeting BEFORE all the facts can be presented?  Why would the former president call a special meeting without first verifying that all board members are able to attend? What is the urgency? The investigation is not complete! What purpose would this serve other than to allow the antagonists the opportunity to only present half truths!  Why would anyone attend an unofficial meeting knowing that the investigation is on-going and all facts can not and will not be presented. The answer is that the former president is disgruntled and will do anything in his power to discredit Cara Koen, Bryan Aschauer and Paula Mueller….pure and simple! The former president is doing everything in his power to keep the divisiveness at a fever pitch in this development, for his own selfish needs. Those needs being such to cast disrepute upon Koen, Aschauer and Mueller. Instead of being a fully functioning member of the BOD, he became distracted by his aversion for the aforementioned board members and lost sight of why an individual becomes a board member….to work for the betterment of their community and the members who own property there.

October Surprise/The Farris Surprise! Robinson Connection

November 4, 2008

On October 17, this blog wrote under ” Eliminate This HOA ” that a group of individuals will work to eliminate this HOA. This blog was half correct. By now you may have heard or read that a person in units 3 and 4,  but almost 100% likely unit 4, has had an attorney write a letter to the board members stating that certain legal HOA documents may not have been recorded. This person feels he has found some loophole so that he can park his ” vehicle ” full time in his driveway without restrictions. This person, in the early summer of 2007 stated openly, that he wanted to eliminate the HOA altogether and just have that board run the common areas only.  So maybe that will happen. There could be two individual developments. Units 1and 2, nice and tidy, no RV’s, boats, nicely maintained, the place where home values would stay stable. Units 3 and 4, where anything goes. Will that happen? When the name of this upstanding man is openly announced, it will not be much of a surprise to many, as he has had his hand in some questionable past issues with this development. 

Update-11/04/2008. This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows Farris on Whipple Ct, but he is the person responsible for the proposed defection from the HOA. Farris used the attorney to write the letter, but the attorney will have no part in his pursuit of defection from the HOA.  It is not known if Farris acted alone in this endeavor, or if his other friends on his street acted in concert to pull off this   ” possible ” defection. At this point, with this group, anything is possible. But, please remember, the sky is not falling, the sun will rise again and this IS NOT a done deal. The DePaulo attorney responsible for units 3 and 4 is currently researching all documents and will act accordingly.  

The old phrase ” watch out what you ask for ” really does apply in this situation. There are many great neighbors in units 3 and 4 who may be affected by this mans action. IF for some reason this legal issue holds true, just imagine the consequences of this persons mission. Anything goes-No Rules! Maybe some person purchasing the parcel next to Farris plans to repair motor vehicles in his garage/yard, it would be permissible. Maybe the purchaser wants to breed dogs on his property and have a back yard full of dog kennels…it would be permissible. Maybe the purchaser wants to use his parcel to park his landscape vehicles…… No rules anything goes.  Maybe someone on Whipple wants to build an over-sized garage in which to store their large motor-home. More than one person on that street has a motor-home.  HOA’s are not always easy to deal with, and we all have witnessed those issues in one form or another, but at least the CCR’s keep the development at a set standard.

 Farris must be very proud of himself for discovering (researching many long hours) a POSSIBLE loophole in the documents when units 3 and 4 were developed. Is anyone else proud of him, other than his two friends on his street?  I’m sure some will think this is all funny and cute. But, the association may incur legal fees (your dues dollars) to rectify this situation. Anyone happy with Farris should send him a thank you card, anyone unhappy…give him a call and tell him of your displeasure! 

If nothing else, Farris is possibly a man of his word. In the summer of 2007, Farris was denied by the BOD and the architectual review committee permission to build a large garage to house his motor-home. Farris was also denied permission to have a large cement pad on which to park the vehicle. Farris stated that he was going to destroy this HOA and only make the board responsible for the common properties. Great job Farris…you have POSSIBLY exceeded your goal !

FURTHER UPDATE: AD Robinson, the former president of this HOA resigned from his position as a member at large on the BOD. The former president/ former member at large also implied that he is also defecting from the HOA, as is Farris. As far as a board member having a fiduciary responsibility to the membership he represents and looking out for the HOA and its best interests first and foremost, well………………..

Divisiveness Continues/Definition Of Arrogant

November 4, 2008

The following are excerpts from the website of the former board president. Yes, the former disgruntled president has a site in which he states his opinions and then goes on to rip the other board members, with the exception of his neighbor, the current board treasurer.  That web site, in the opinion of the former president, is the only site being truthful, so the following excerpts from that site is the ” truth. ”  If anyone might have felt that the former president was going to be a team player and work with the new board, please think again. The following are examples of how not to be a team player and how a very, very, disgruntled individual acts….all from the former presidents web site. Someone please advise this person that they are no longer the HOA board president.

The web site of the former president states………………………………..

As you can see this BOD has quickly moved to an era where information
is not shared and those not in favor with the new majority are ignored.
This method of operation is a throwback to the previous style of
management and, in my opinion, crippling any possibility of becoming a
productive BOD where the membership comes first

Tony Robinson
Posted by Unofficial Estates of Millbrook HOA Website at 6:38 PM 0
Special BOD Meeting Letter
November 1, 2008

Based on the actions of our current BOD majority I hold little hope for
this BOD functioning normally: normal being defined as working in the
best interest of the membership at large and not pursuing self

I have been contacted by two different people advising me that some of
the new majority on the BOD are canvassing the subdivision door to door
in an attempt to have me removed from office for not accepting the
assignment of Secretary. I can’t help but wonder why since I have
already resigned my position effective with the election of a
replacement. All that is necessary to get rid of me is to hold an
association meeting and run an election. Maybe there is an ulterior
motive – like trying to make me look bad. Here’s what looks bad: The work of the association taking a back seat to the politics of name assassination..(

Despite all the garbage being shoveled my way I will continue to focus
on doing what I can to insure the BOD complies with our bylaws
. In the
spirit of working for the membership at large, today I forwarded to the
President the documentation required by Article VIII, Section 1, as
related informing the membership about the new policies passed at the
last two BOD meetings. I also prepared and forwarded to her the
required letters certifying the BOD is in compliance with the same
Article and Section. These should be signed by the acting Secretary and
returned to the BOD for inclusion in the minutes at the next BOD

Somebody’s got to focus on doing the job right. It just happens to be
what I enjoy.

Best Regards

(ARROGANT-Dictionary states it to be showing an offensive sense of superiority) 


Neighborhood Watch/Awareness Meeting

October 22, 2008

The town of Millbrook and the Kendall County Sheriff’s Department will hold a meeting concerning neighborhood awareness and your safety. The Sheriff’s Deputy will make a presentation and then there will be a question/answer session for all attendees. This is a great opportunity for everyone to hear what they can do to make their neighborhood a safer place. The meeting will be held at the Fox Township Building, Thursday October 30, 2008, at 7:00 PM. All Estates of Millbrook residents are invited and encouraged to attend. This is your opportunity to ask the law enforcement officer in attendance any questions you might have concerning how to make this development a safer place in which to reside.  Ask questions, make suggestions, but use this meeting as a valuable resource concerning your safety.

Nope-Not Going To Do That

October 22, 2008

A board member has refused to be the secretary of this BOD, stating they do not have the time or interests. This member believes their expertise is being wasted on something as ” lowly ” as a secretary. The position of secretary is currently an open position.  All other board members have a title/position, duties and responsibilities, except this one certain board member. Because of this board members refusal to take an active role on the board, another board member must perform their duties. You can form your own opinion on this persons refusal to be a fully functioning member of this BOD,  but please inform the board members of your opinions. A very sad commentary when an elected board member refuses to be part of a team working to make this development a better place in which to reside. If an elected board member does not want to participate and be a fully functioning member of the board, that member should resign and allow that position be filled by a member who has their priorities in order. This person does not! 

A female homeowner in attendance at Tuesdays HOA meeting, openly questioned (no, not that female homeowner) why the BOD was allowing this board member to remain on the BOD and not be a functioning member, who should be sharing in the board’s workload. A very fair and honest question! Why is this being allowed? If someone desires to be a member of the HOA/ BOD, then be a team player and function as part of the BOD. This Board of Directors DOES NOT need self-serving individuals. The homeowners want all the self-serving rhetoric to end. That day has passed and ran its course for the last eight months. The meetings are too long, with the reason being,  certain individuals love to listen to their own jeremiad.  Get on with the business of the association. This BOD is not deciding or dictating world policy here, but is just an HOA!

FYI………This board member has their own web site/blog in which their explanation for not taking a role/position on the current board is as follows;   ” I chose not to accept a position as an officer for multiple reasons
including, time, area of interest, family responsibilities, and potential conflict with other BOD members.”

A Step In The Right Direction!

October 21, 2008

On October 7, 2008, at the special meeting of the Board of Directors, the board voted to realign its positions. At said meeting, the BOD voted to name Ms. Cara Koen as its HOA President. Ms. Koen will be a breath of fresh air, which is what this development desperately needs. In comparison to the most  recent administration, Ms. Koen is conscientious, approachable, dedicated to a sense of community, and most  importantly, non confrontational. Ms. Koen consistently voted her conscience while 1st V.P. on the previous board. Ms. Koen has respect for the individual and has a sincere desire to point this development in the right direction. Ms. Koen understands that the role of the HOA President is not sitting in front of a computer, constantly writing new polices and rules, forcing them upon the property owners. This development has enough rules and policies in place, i.e., CCR’s and By-Laws. Ms. Koen understands that the role of the President is very fragile. The president must walk a fine line in  being an administrator for the property owners, an enforcer of the CCR’s and By-Laws and at the same time be a good neighbor.

In the February 2008 HOA/BOD election, Ms. Koen achieved the highest number of votes, more than double of what the next person received. The membership showed they had confidence in Ms. Koen then and should show the same confidence in her now. Ms. Koen will not have an easy term as president for the next five months. There are forces in this development that do not want Ms. Koen and the new board to succeed. These forces have an agenda that will be best served if the board is shown to be in disarray and not working for the best interests of the property owners. These forces will be very visible to everyone and will show themselves in postings on current and new websites and at the HOA/BOD meetings.  One would hope that the property owners would give Ms. Koen the opportunity to prove herself and show  that she is the best person as the HOA President.   

Ms. Koen and the majority of the board members have a clear objective in making this development a better place in which to live. This means, among others, repairing and maintaining the path and the south entrance, restructuring the various policies, incorporating community social events, and most importantly regaining a sense of community. As all five board positions will be open for election in February, it is in the best interests of this HOA, that this board be provided the opportunity to show us what they can do in making this a better place in which to reside, without confrontation from those who arrogantly think they know better.

Eliminate This HOA

October 17, 2008

There are rumors that a small group of individuals are going to take this HOA to court and have it totally eliminated, without any input from you. This blog thinks that is a great idea. That will provide the freedom everyone is looking for, plus we won’t have all that bickering and hate mail from board members being sent at HOA expense….you can do what ever you please. If your neighbor wants to keep one or two large motor homes in their yard, you will be able to look out your kitchen window every morning and enjoy the view. If your neighbor is into repairing cars in his driveway and wants to leave it on blocks for the whole year, that will be their prerogative. This author would like to breed dogs and would have several kennels in the back yard in which to do so. Plus, that would require several small buildings in which to house the pups, but,  that would work fine. As many outbuildings as you wanted would be allowed. This author would also like to raise chickens and would do so. Maybe someone would like to have a horse or two. The smell would not be too pleasant, but they are beautiful majestic animals. Horses can be a little messy on the path, so when walking the path watch where you step.

The owners of vacant land could use those parcels to store their heavy equipment year around. You might not be able to view them because the grass and weeds would be so tall since there would be no enforcement tools in place to require forced mowing. Maybe they can just build a chain link full parameter fence to keep the kids from playing there. If those of you who are into the natural country look of tall grass and weeds, this would be the ideal place in which to reside. Anyone into boats or snowmobiles could park them year around on the driveway or maybe somewhere on the lawn. Or, they could build huge outbuildings anywhere on their property to store them. Anyone who is distraught about the possibility of the land fill being just down the road and our property values diminishing need not worry. When this HOA is diminished and all the CCR’s and By-Laws eliminated, the garbage dump will be the least of our worries, as it relates to property values.

Your good neighbors are pursuing the demise of this HOA for their own selfish reasons. When you find out who this small group is, you may not be too surprised, but because of the expenses involved, it may be too costly for the board of directors to wage a challenge against them in a court of law. So, the good neighbor, who continually parks his large motorhome in his driveway, along with his cohorts, are spearheading a campaign to completely destroy this HOA. Because of them, we may all look back to 2008 as the good old years. If you believe times are tough now in refrence to the selling of a home and/or vacant parcels, just wait until the  CCR’s and this HOA are eliminated. 

Storing boat trailers in the front yard, large motor homes parked year around…who needs rules anyway, they are such a hindrance. The board members who make an effort to enforce the rules can be such problems, who needs them.  Eliminate this HOA! This attempt at eliminating the HOA may be arriving soon in a court room near you! Hope you all enjoy what your good neighbors have planned for you, whether you want it or not.