Nope-Not Going To Do That

A board member has refused to be the secretary of this BOD, stating they do not have the time or interests. This member believes their expertise is being wasted on something as ” lowly ” as a secretary. The position of secretary is currently an open position.  All other board members have a title/position, duties and responsibilities, except this one certain board member. Because of this board members refusal to take an active role on the board, another board member must perform their duties. You can form your own opinion on this persons refusal to be a fully functioning member of this BOD,  but please inform the board members of your opinions. A very sad commentary when an elected board member refuses to be part of a team working to make this development a better place in which to reside. If an elected board member does not want to participate and be a fully functioning member of the board, that member should resign and allow that position be filled by a member who has their priorities in order. This person does not! 

A female homeowner in attendance at Tuesdays HOA meeting, openly questioned (no, not that female homeowner) why the BOD was allowing this board member to remain on the BOD and not be a functioning member, who should be sharing in the board’s workload. A very fair and honest question! Why is this being allowed? If someone desires to be a member of the HOA/ BOD, then be a team player and function as part of the BOD. This Board of Directors DOES NOT need self-serving individuals. The homeowners want all the self-serving rhetoric to end. That day has passed and ran its course for the last eight months. The meetings are too long, with the reason being,  certain individuals love to listen to their own jeremiad.  Get on with the business of the association. This BOD is not deciding or dictating world policy here, but is just an HOA!

FYI………This board member has their own web site/blog in which their explanation for not taking a role/position on the current board is as follows;   ” I chose not to accept a position as an officer for multiple reasons
including, time, area of interest, family responsibilities, and potential conflict with other BOD members.”


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