Update On August 2, 2008 HOA Meeting

The meeting was almost not opened because a quorm could not be established. Mr Robinson asked the members in attendance to call any member they could think of to attend the meeting so that the meeting could open. Several members rushed over and the quorum was met. The meeting minutes were approved, reports given, and then there was the open comment section. One homeowner gave a good speech, but it was long and since it was early in the morning, some in the audience might have been sleeping. Many members had concerns about the path and its condition, and all appeared to want it repaired ASAP. Mr. Robinson stated that nothing will be done to the path, the weeds will not be sprayed. He recommended that everyone stay off the path for three weeks until it is turned over to HOA. Mowing/spraying of the 4′ grass or weeds will NOT be done for at least three weeks as Mr. Robinson wants to show Kendall County and the developer how bad it is. So he recommended that for safety reasons everyone should not use it, and the BOD plans to post signs to stay off. Many in attendance felt this was not a good policy, and that the weeds and grasses on the path should be mowed immediately so that it can be used by the membership, but this was overruled by Mr. Robinson. 

There was a vote on the Capital Improvements Policy-Passed

There were votes on changes to by-laws, term limits of BOD members-failed. The provision of email notification failed.

Election of officers. Two open positions. The names of Brian Aschauer, Paula Mueller, Margret Hotopp, Drew Michalson, and Kim Ward were nominated. Results were Aschauer=36, Mueller=36, Hotopp=16,Michalson=12, Ward=11. Aschauer and Mueller will be replacements to the BOD

A balance sheet showed that the HOA has total assets of $91,224.38 as of June 30, 2008. No balance sheet for July was available. 

I feel Mr. Robinson should have openly thanked Mr. Spang and Mr. Featherston for their services to the board and the HOA. This would have been the correct gesture on his part and given the audience a chance to applaud their services. No matter what your feelings, they have served us. I also feel  Mr. Robinson should have also congratulated the two newly elected board  members, but he did not.  This also was not correct. A polite gesture (and a start to end all the negativity) and a show of good faith would have gone a long way to start healing some of the wounds. This would not have taken but a moment to thank these four people and not cost a thing.  There are hard feelings going around this HOA, and I would have hoped that Mr. Robinson would have taken the first step in making things better, but he did not. There was a posting on the boards website stating that the board should set the example for everyone and I totally agree. I guess it appears that things will not be changing anytime soon considerng Mr. Robinson’ s  attitude. Anyway, let me be the first then to thank Mr. Spang and Mr. Featherston for their services and welcome Mr. Aschauer and Ms. Mueller to the board.


One Response to “Update On August 2, 2008 HOA Meeting”

  1. A good neighbor Says:

    As a homeowner I would dearly like to see all these talented, knowledgeable and passionate homeowners working more closely and constructively together to achieve what needs to be done to make our subdivision a place to be proud of. I truly believe this is achievable if we all work together to overlook personal agendas and really believe in what is good for us all. We have a unique community in a desirable area. It will need us in first instance to be calm, polite and courteous to one another and then we can get down to business. We need to ensure that the subdivision has the look and feel of an upscale and attractive community in this competitive market. Who is president is less important than working as part of a team and doing the right thing for us all, which is, collecting the money fairly and spending it wisely. Number one is to ensure that everyone without exception must pay their dues on time, through letter(s), phone calls, a home visit, maybe even a name and shame list for non-payers to be circulated as a prompt after a certain time has elapsed. Fines too if they really are determined not to be good neighbors. The money is, after all, needed to maintain the high standards for the community as a whole. Number two, is to resolve the issue of the common areas. An upscale and attractive community needs minimum standards for maintenance, which are a. the entrances looks welcoming (look around at some of the fancy entrances of other subdivisions) b. the common areas are maintained by the HOA with the minimum standard of 6-12 inches of mowed area and should not at any time exceed the maximum height and if people are willing to maintain their adjacent common areas to this standard then that saves money and they should be allowed to do so with our thanks! c. empty lots mowed centrally (by the HOA) as soon as the grass reaches 6-12 inches and delinquent lot owners should be billed accordingly if they do not adhere to the same standard. We need to concentrate our efforts as a neighborhood on these few key issues as a matter of priority by the next HOA meeting as these seem to be the main source of discontent amongst neighbors. We also really could do with a social gathering this summer to build a better community spirit. How about a party in the Fox Township building or a subdivision party in a central area, to which we can all bring drinks and food, children and goodwill! There is bound to be somebody in the neighborhood who is good an organising social gatherings? Lets take the division out of our subdivision!

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