Making A Mockery of This HOA

The former president of this HOA is making a TOTAL mockery of all its members, including his fellow board members, as it relates to the October Surprise/Farris Surprise and the issues concerning units 3 and 4. The former president is making a major issue of not being provided copies of the documents Paula Mueller copied from the Kendall County Recorders office. Why all the fuss, his friend and neighbor has already provided all the same copies to him, many, many days prior. The former president has called for a special meeting on Saturday, without even asking the other board members if they were available, which they are not. The former president feels he is the only person who can understand the documentation, and ….the judge, jury and executioner. This concern is being studied by an attorney authorized by the BOD who will report back with his findings. This whole issue (letter from Farris attorney) just came to light last Wednesday. DePaulo’s office has been contacted, the Farris attorney has been contacted and all documentation is being provided to an attorney for review. This attorney will then make a recommendation  to the BOD. What purpose will a Saturday meeting have, unless the former president and his friend/neighbor Farris will make a presentation, which will prove that they were/are acting in concert. The former president has just added to his web site a letter addressed from Farris to the BOD. Who is the former president representing here?  Where are his loyalties? Is this the correct action of a board member?  It is very apparent the former president is siding with Farris versus being an objective board member. It is very obvious that the former president has been aware of and acting in concert with Farris all along, as it pertains to the issues of defection of units 3 and 4 from the Estates Of Millbrook HOA.  

Why would anyone (former president) call a special meeting BEFORE all the facts can be presented?  Why would the former president call a special meeting without first verifying that all board members are able to attend? What is the urgency? The investigation is not complete! What purpose would this serve other than to allow the antagonists the opportunity to only present half truths!  Why would anyone attend an unofficial meeting knowing that the investigation is on-going and all facts can not and will not be presented. The answer is that the former president is disgruntled and will do anything in his power to discredit Cara Koen, Bryan Aschauer and Paula Mueller….pure and simple! The former president is doing everything in his power to keep the divisiveness at a fever pitch in this development, for his own selfish needs. Those needs being such to cast disrepute upon Koen, Aschauer and Mueller. Instead of being a fully functioning member of the BOD, he became distracted by his aversion for the aforementioned board members and lost sight of why an individual becomes a board member….to work for the betterment of their community and the members who own property there.


2 Responses to “Making A Mockery of This HOA”

  1. chicago39 Says:

    As a Board Member in The Estates of Millbrook, Mr. Tony Robinson has a fiduciary responsibility to The Association. In posting Mr. Farris’s letter to the Board of Directors on his web site, Mr. Robinson has lost his objectivity. Mr. Robinson has taken the opposing position rather than trying to protect Association members from acts as Mr. Farris is trying to exploit. One must question why Mr. Robinson remains on the Homeowners Association Board if he continues to support Mr. Farris’s secession from The Estates Of Millbrook Homeowners Association. By actively allowing Mr. Farris a podium to plead his case, he has essentially placed his support towards an action against The Association. This is against his fiduciary responsibilty as a Board Member. It is apparent that Mr. Robertson no longer holds the best interest of The Estates Of Millbrook Homeowners Association, i.e., the membership at large.

  2. chicago39 Says:

    Further to my comments concerning Mr. Robinsons fiduciary responsibility to the membership-at-large and his fellow Board Members. A Board Member, be it on a homeowners association, town, village, or county board, holds a position of trust, in which their responsibility is first to the individuals they represent, in this case, a homeowners association. The realities of the actions at hand are clear; as a Board Member for The Estates of Millbrook, Mr. Robinson did develop a web site and with full intent did add a posting for Mr. Farris, which is in direct conflict with the standards of accountability for a board member. This action has given the membership the perception that Mr. Robinson is acting as an agent of Mr. Farris, is working in harmony with Mr. Farris and is in full agreement of the findings brought froward by Mr. Farris. The aforementioned actions of Mr. Robinson have been a breach of his fiduciary responsibility to the membership of this association. It is evident that Mr. Robinson’s current actions, that being an agent for a homeowner whose intention is to secede from The Estates of Millbrook Homeowners Association, is in direct conflict of the CCR and Kendall County, Illinois, as it relates to it being a PUD.

    Mr. Robinson has created from a legal standpoint, a conflict of interest, i.e., a board member representing and abetting a homeowner who has the full intent of a civil action against The Estates of Millbrook Homeowners Association. All legal expenses of said civil action of Mr. Farris must be paid from the balance on hand of this homeowners association.

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