A Step In The Right Direction!

On October 7, 2008, at the special meeting of the Board of Directors, the board voted to realign its positions. At said meeting, the BOD voted to name Ms. Cara Koen as its HOA President. Ms. Koen will be a breath of fresh air, which is what this development desperately needs. In comparison to the most  recent administration, Ms. Koen is conscientious, approachable, dedicated to a sense of community, and most  importantly, non confrontational. Ms. Koen consistently voted her conscience while 1st V.P. on the previous board. Ms. Koen has respect for the individual and has a sincere desire to point this development in the right direction. Ms. Koen understands that the role of the HOA President is not sitting in front of a computer, constantly writing new polices and rules, forcing them upon the property owners. This development has enough rules and policies in place, i.e., CCR’s and By-Laws. Ms. Koen understands that the role of the President is very fragile. The president must walk a fine line in  being an administrator for the property owners, an enforcer of the CCR’s and By-Laws and at the same time be a good neighbor.

In the February 2008 HOA/BOD election, Ms. Koen achieved the highest number of votes, more than double of what the next person received. The membership showed they had confidence in Ms. Koen then and should show the same confidence in her now. Ms. Koen will not have an easy term as president for the next five months. There are forces in this development that do not want Ms. Koen and the new board to succeed. These forces have an agenda that will be best served if the board is shown to be in disarray and not working for the best interests of the property owners. These forces will be very visible to everyone and will show themselves in postings on current and new websites and at the HOA/BOD meetings.  One would hope that the property owners would give Ms. Koen the opportunity to prove herself and show  that she is the best person as the HOA President.   

Ms. Koen and the majority of the board members have a clear objective in making this development a better place in which to live. This means, among others, repairing and maintaining the path and the south entrance, restructuring the various policies, incorporating community social events, and most importantly regaining a sense of community. As all five board positions will be open for election in February, it is in the best interests of this HOA, that this board be provided the opportunity to show us what they can do in making this a better place in which to reside, without confrontation from those who arrogantly think they know better.


2 Responses to “A Step In The Right Direction!”

  1. chicago39 Says:

    I recently observed the new web site of our past president. After reading his site, I can only assume that he will be one factor that will not allow this development to be the way in was in 2007, that being friendly, peaceful and neighborly. With only five months until the next full board election, I would have hoped that individuals such as this could have given this new president and its members a chance to make real changes, but I see that I was wrong. A leopard can’t change its strips, no matter how hard it tries. In reading his President’s letter, I find it very amusing in that he calls the people who run, own or write on this site ‘ PIGS ‘ but states his site will tell the truth. I guess I’ll use my mothers words as he uses his fathers; it takes one to know one
    I would think that after all the past president has done in writing about the muellers, using the offical HOA mailings as his source of hate, which we all paid for by our dues, he would cease his campaign of being divisive, but that appears to be asking too much. One can only wonder why oh why, the muellers have not sought legal remedies from a civil court of law to first stop this from continuing and then sought remedy for the prejudices he has done to their reputations.

    FYI. Because the libellious attacks of the past President have been so blatant and numerous, I have provided copies to my attorney of all the mailings the past president has sent since January 2008, concerning his attacks against mr and mrs mueller. Her legal opinion is as follows; since the past president has committed libel against them, but most importantly, as he has used his offical office, offical homeowners mailings via U.S mail, which were paid for by the association dues and allowed the offical homeowners web site to post messages which libeled them, the homeowners association can be held culpable just as if each person mailed the letter themselves. Also, this attorney related that the insurance/hazard policy the association holds would not be applicable for attorney fees or settlement judgements, since the past president did not act in good faith when he continually libeled them.

  2. chicago39 Says:

    I want to clarify my previous comments concerning the legal standing of the muellers to address a civil remedy for the statements made against them. I’m not endorsing any such action, but in verification with several legal consultants, the muellers do have legal standing to pursue a course of civil remedy for the wrongs committed against their character, by the past Board President and members of his Board. Unfortunately said actions could involve the landowners, as the previous President on the authority of his office, mailed potentially libelious statements using copies and postage paid for by the homeowners association. The previous President also with his authority posted libelious statements on a homeowner sanctioned and owned web site in which the aforementioned statements were approved by Board members and certain committee members with the full authority of the previous Board President. All these mailings and web site postings and aspersions go to the heart of their intent to attack the character of the muellers in such a way that their reputaion will be irrevocably harmed.

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