The Divisiveness Continues

If any of you thought that the dissension from the ex president would cease, you are wrong. Many members (even a couple of his own supporters) of this association hoped that all the venom from this man would end and the association might start to heal. If you read his web site, you will definately observe that is far from the case. This man continues to cast dispersions on all the current board members and is critical of their every action. Nothing the board does goes without his criticism.  This blog site could respond to his most recent diatribe and half truths, but it’s not worth the effort. The true facts that have been stated on this blog speak for themselves.

To his supporters who delight in this mans actions and encourage it, you are also part of the problem.  To those of you who despise his tactics and what he is doing to this association, speak up and demand of him to cease and desist.


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