Eliminate This HOA

There are rumors that a small group of individuals are going to take this HOA to court and have it totally eliminated, without any input from you. This blog thinks that is a great idea. That will provide the freedom everyone is looking for, plus we won’t have all that bickering and hate mail from board members being sent at HOA expense….you can do what ever you please. If your neighbor wants to keep one or two large motor homes in their yard, you will be able to look out your kitchen window every morning and enjoy the view. If your neighbor is into repairing cars in his driveway and wants to leave it on blocks for the whole year, that will be their prerogative. This author would like to breed dogs and would have several kennels in the back yard in which to do so. Plus, that would require several small buildings in which to house the pups, but,  that would work fine. As many outbuildings as you wanted would be allowed. This author would also like to raise chickens and would do so. Maybe someone would like to have a horse or two. The smell would not be too pleasant, but they are beautiful majestic animals. Horses can be a little messy on the path, so when walking the path watch where you step.

The owners of vacant land could use those parcels to store their heavy equipment year around. You might not be able to view them because the grass and weeds would be so tall since there would be no enforcement tools in place to require forced mowing. Maybe they can just build a chain link full parameter fence to keep the kids from playing there. If those of you who are into the natural country look of tall grass and weeds, this would be the ideal place in which to reside. Anyone into boats or snowmobiles could park them year around on the driveway or maybe somewhere on the lawn. Or, they could build huge outbuildings anywhere on their property to store them. Anyone who is distraught about the possibility of the land fill being just down the road and our property values diminishing need not worry. When this HOA is diminished and all the CCR’s and By-Laws eliminated, the garbage dump will be the least of our worries, as it relates to property values.

Your good neighbors are pursuing the demise of this HOA for their own selfish reasons. When you find out who this small group is, you may not be too surprised, but because of the expenses involved, it may be too costly for the board of directors to wage a challenge against them in a court of law. So, the good neighbor, who continually parks his large motorhome in his driveway, along with his cohorts, are spearheading a campaign to completely destroy this HOA. Because of them, we may all look back to 2008 as the good old years. If you believe times are tough now in refrence to the selling of a home and/or vacant parcels, just wait until the  CCR’s and this HOA are eliminated. 

Storing boat trailers in the front yard, large motor homes parked year around…who needs rules anyway, they are such a hindrance. The board members who make an effort to enforce the rules can be such problems, who needs them.  Eliminate this HOA! This attempt at eliminating the HOA may be arriving soon in a court room near you! Hope you all enjoy what your good neighbors have planned for you, whether you want it or not.


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