Priorities! What Each Board Deems Important

This is being re-posted at the request of several readers of this blog. The original was inadvertently deleted from its 19 November posting. Since this was required to be recreated, it my not follow the orginal in totalility. 

On November 17, the BOD held a special meeting in which various subjects were addressed. One topic under discussion was what has been done to collect the outstanding money owed to the association from members who are deliquent in the payment of their assessments. It has been reported that when the developer/DePaulo turned over the association to the membership in April 2007, the outstanding amount owed the HOA was approximately $25,000. The first BOD through February 9, 2008, worked diligently and collected approximately $20,000 of the outstanding money owed. At the November 17, 2008 meeting, it was reported that the HOA is currently owed approximately$17,500 in outstanding assessments and fees from delinquent members. It was also reported that between February 9, 2009 through October 7, 2008, the BOD under the leadership of the former president did little to collect the outstanding money owed the HOA. From February 9 through August 2008, the ex treasurer and/or the ex-president did not feel it a priority in making any attempt in collecting the money owed the HOA. Therefore the past president and or the past treasurer never attempted, i.e., via the mailing of late notices or phone calls to collect what was owed the association. At the June 17, 2008, BOD meeting, a member in attendance questioned the board members what the board was doing to collect the money owed to the association. No response was given.  

In reference to the HOA path/walkway and its current condition. Opinion from an engineer for Kendall County, stated that the paths current condition is such, because of lack of any maintenance during calender year 2008. The majority of the previous board dictated that no maintenance whatsoever be performed to the path, thereby intending to show its displeasure to Mr. Joe DePaulo and the Kendall County Department of Planning, Building and Zoning. The majority of the board openly stated that by not conducting any preventative maintenance on the path, the path would deteriorate and the county and DePaulo would be forced to make the necessary repairs. An agreement with Yingling Landscaping stated  they were to conduct regular spraying of the path, thereby preventing and killing off any vegetation that might grow through the crushed limestone. The ex president told Yingling Landscaping that he wanted no spraying done to the pathway other than the one spraying done early in the year. Hence, the vegetation grew wild through the crushed limestone and the board announced to the membership that the path/walkway should not be used, because it was not safe. This plan of attack against Kendall County PB&Z and Depaulo did absolutely nothing. DePaulo stated he would do nothing additional to the path and the county only withheld approximately $4700 of DePaulo’s bond money for any future path repairs.

From February 9, 2008 through October 7, 2008, the majority of the board dictated additional rules, regulations and policies without the approval of the membership. The priority of the board was on new rules, regulations and policies, over and above what was already in the CCR.  The path became so unsafe that the board demanded that the members not walk or ride on it. The outstanding assessments and fees went uncollected. 

The membership demands certain standards from its BOD.   1) The yearly fees and assessments are collected fairly and equally, 2) the development is safe for its members, 3) the community is maintained.  

The board has a responsibility to the membership to do everything in their power to collect the assessments.  With the current state of the economy, some members may have difficulty paying their assessments in a timely fashion, but the onus is on the board to make every effort to collect assessments and fees. This is a priority!


One Response to “Priorities! What Each Board Deems Important”

  1. Kathi Lavin Says:

    I am writing in response to Tony Robinson’s web site in which he wrote “Mr. Kent Duffy has resigned, effectively immediately, in response to the insultingly contemptuous attack posted on the “Watchdog” website earlier today.” Robinson went on to write “ Let me state it another way, every BOD member elected last February, except the person who had their name “advertized” in last winter’s newsletter, has chosen to move on because of the baseless, abusive lies, misrepresentations, and innuendos.” Kent Duffy then wrote on Yahoo “ This is the last straw………is evidence that attempts at reconciliation and getting along have gone for naught.” I find the above mentioned comments from Robinson and Duffy very ironic and insulting to the membership. Since January of 2008, Robinson has waged a campaign of verbal assaults against the first board but most specifically Paula Mueller. He has done this at the BOD meetings, via emails and through the US Postal Service. During his tenure as our HOA President, he sent vile mailings to the membership in which he again verbally attacked Paula Mueller and Bryan Aschauer. If I remember correctly, Duffy participated with Robinson in try to overturn the August 2 election and in preventing Paula and Bryan from being seated as board members in a legal election. If Duffy is looking for a reasons, he should just look out his front door and he will notice that he lives next to Robinson, the person responsible for the majority of the dissension within our development. I believe that Mr. Duffy also condoned most of what has occurred.

    In reading the opinion on the “ Watchdog “ site, concerning priorities, my opinion is that it was not pointing blame at Kent Duffy, but believe that the majority of the previous board as a whole, could have done more to collect what is owed the association. Since the money owed is so large, I’m sure that money could be used to repair the walking path, and then possibly reduce the amount of future yearly assessments.

    I attended the BOD meeting in which Marty Mueller questioned the previous board on what was being done to collect the money owed the association. I also remember that the board did not provide an answer to that question.

    I also was at the August meeting in which Marty Mueller asked Robinson what the board was doing about the bad condition of the path. Robinson openly told us that the board was not going to do any repair because they wanted it to look bad for Joe and the County to see. Robinson told us that nothing would be done and everyone should stay off the path. Paren Boltee suggested that the board put something on the associations site and at all the entrance to tell us all to stay off the path. I remember Robinson being asked if it was more important for the board to show Joe Depaulo and the County how bad the path was versus making it safe for all of us to use. Robinson would not answer that question.

    Finally, I believe that Kent Duffy must be “ thin skinned “ if he did in fact resign because he felt he was being picked on. My opinion is that there were probably other reasons for his resignation and he just used this baseless argument as the perfect opportunity. We all know that Robinson has been constantly criticizing the first board when Paula was president and he is now criticizing the leadership abilities of Cara Koen, the current board president. When you are a board member, be it on a church board, a school board, a county board or a homeowners association, there will always be people who will critique a boards actions or inactions. That goes with the job. Many of the members from the BOD under the Presidency of Robinson, have been openly critical of Paula, and that still continues to this day. Because Paula’s husband asks probing questions of the BOD, concerning outstanding monies owed the association, questions why the path has been allowed to become so unsafe that we are told not to walk upon it, and was concerned about the way the pathway and adjacent areas were sprayed with a toxic vegetation killer without member notification, the Mueller’s are the subject of constant innuendoes by previous board and communication committee members.

    Kathi Lavin Lot 133

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