At the October 7, 2008 BOD meeting, the board was realigned. The board is now as follows:

Cara Koen……………….President

Paula Mueller…………..1st V.P.-Communications

Bryan Aschauer……….2nd V.P.-Architectural Committee

Kent Duffy……………….Treasurer

Anthony Robinson…..Board Member


2 Responses to “Board-Realignment”

  1. Valerie Eder Says:

    Do to current economic times I am a full time mom while my husband continues to work 2 jobs. We are investors in a few properties and one of which is here in Millbrook Estates. We love it here and that is why we chose Millbrook Estates as our permanent residence. But over the last few months my stress level with dealing with the bull crap has gone through the roof. I am only 34 yrs old and would like to live longer than 40. We all have different lives and paths and are brought to this community for different reasons. But I am sure we all have one thing in common, A MONEY INVESTMENT!!

    I am not here to convince you of who is better than whom nor who is smart and who is not. What I am hopping for is each of us to think about other families in this subdivision and not just your own. We all want personal gratification but when one tries to get more than what is owed usually one comes out looking like a fool.

    In this paragraph, I am not writing this to give any political gain. Personally, I think we should hire in a management firm to take care of all of this association crap. This way we are not putting neighbor against neighbor. But I have to say this because personal gratification was earned and noticed by me. About a month ago, I was walking my 2 children and I noticed Mr. & Mrs. Mueller and Mrs. Aschauer grooming the South Stonewall entrance. I stopped to say hi. I was so appreciative to see them taking time out to make “my main entrance” look presentable at the same time I was embarrassed because I never thought to do such a thing. So I thank you and I next time I will be happy to help!

    Since I had left the meeting early last night and just found out that Mrs. Koen is now president, I take a personal vow to use this website as an organizational site to help clean up our community. We need a new beginning and we need to do it together NOW!!!! So please join me!!! FYI. I am asking and attempting to post this on the HOA and the watchdog site.

    Valerie Eder
    LOT 166

  2. chicago39 Says:

    I observed in the board realignment that Mr. Robinson has no title attached to his name, meaning he has no role. I contacted various Board Members and was told that he declined any role, that being the open position of Secretary. My suggestion is; if a person on the Board Of Directors does not want to participate and pull their weight/responsibilities on the Board, then resign and let someone be there that is willing to do so. We don’t need prima donna type individuals who dictate what they will and will not do. The Board appears to have enough work and if one individual is not willing to participate in that work, then I say-BYE BYE!

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