Paula Mueller Responds !

This is being posted at the request of Paula Mueller.

I’m writing to refute the baseless, blatant and continual vitriolic letters and website postings from the current board president, but most specifically to the comments from Mr. Robert Featherston, concerning his most recent criticism of myself and the previous BOD. First, Hines Landscaping was not my personal landscaper. The landscaping company that provided the major portion of our landscaping in 2005, was not Hines Landscaping and not in any way related to Hines Landscaping. Hines Landscaping installed a drain line, and planted several trees that I purchased from a wholesale tree farm.

On May 8, 2007, the board as a whole decided to do forced mowing of vacant parcels/common areas and seek bids for such services. I contacted Yingling Landscaping, Currans Landscaping/Lawn Maintance, and Hines Landscaping. Yingling stated his company was too busy at that time installing sod for a large project, so they declined. I went personally to Currans and spoke to Mr. Curran, advising what the mowing project consisted of. Curran Landscaping stated that his billing would be $80 per hour. I contacted Hines Landscaping and was advised that they could provide the forced mowing and would bill at $75 per hour. The BOD in its meeting on June 12, 2007 determined that Hines Landscaping would be hired to provide mowing on the common property and forced mowing for parcel owners not complying with the mowing dates. The BOD dictated that the maximum number of hours spent for mowing of the common areas would be capped at 20 hours.

Concerning the south entrance project. Four landscaping companies were requested to bid and draw up plans for that location as well as installing some flagstone at the north entrance. Specifically, this would address the unsightly walking path that is adjacent to the North entrance on Stonewall Drive. Those landscaping companies were Yingling, Hines, Currans and English. Curran’s and English never returned my requests for bids, Yingling stated he did not have the heavy equipment required to handle all the very heavy (flagstone) outcropping. Hines worked with the board drawing the plans submitting a proposal for this 2-3 year project. The deposit paid to Hines was for the multi year project of both locations.

After the February 9, 2008 meeting, the current board met with Paul Hines of Hines Landscaping to discuss the proposed landscape project. At that meeting, the board changed the scope of the project. The board eliminated the multi year project and also reduced the original design. Since members of that board rewrote the entire landscape project, the onus was on them to seek a new contract from Paul Hines. As that board decided to revise the original plan design, eliminate the multi year work plan, and eliminate work at the north entrance, the responsibility was theirs to have Hines Landscaping revise his proposal. I do not believe that occurred. Hines Landscaping did provide me with a proposal for the multi year project, which itemized everything that was contemplated to be installed. Paul Hines has related that the current board never requested a contract and did not request a proposal for the work plan, which would have shown the amount of money previously paid as a deposit.

It is sad that this small group continues to attack me on the association‘s web site and through mailings to members, send death threats in the mail forcing me to make police reports and forced me to seek legal recourse to be seated on the BOD after a legal election was held on August 2, 2008. Seven weeks after the election, they were still plotting ways to keep me from the position to which I was elected.

Paula Mueller Lot 58


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