Words From An HOA Attorney

The following are comments from HOA Attorney Mark Pearlstein concerning his column in the Tribune recently titled ” Hail to the association chief but hold bravado.”  Pearlstein writes ” But the president is not a policy dictator. As chairman, he or she must conduct meetings in an organized fashion, guide the board   toward timely decisions and maintain decorum.” ” The president sets the agenda of the meetings, recognizes directors and decides questions of order , puts matters to a vote and announces the result. Most important, the president should control and keep discussions moving toward a decision rather than emotional wrangling.” ” Most presidents understand the scope of their authority and act appropriately. A president will create a legal problem if he or she exceeds that authority.”   

Mark Pearlstein is chairman of the legislative committee of the Illinois chapter of the Community Association Institute, so he knows of what he speaks….especially the last sentence of the his quote, which is very apropos to the matter at hand.


3 Responses to “Words From An HOA Attorney”

  1. Featherston Says:

    Having known and worked with Mr. Pearlstein I would agree that he certainly knows of which he speaks. Having said that Ms. Mueller is very lucky there was no vindictive person to sue the board when she overstepped her authority while President of the BOD. I really doubt this will be posted since my other postings have not been.
    Author : Featherston (IP: , mail.sudler.net)
    E-mail : karko_rules@yahoo.com

  2. watchdogone Says:

    Mr. Robert Featherston. This site did add two of your previous postings. To refresh your memory, please observe that your IP addresses match and both of your postings were sent from your company email… FYI..Mr. Robert Featherston was the treasurer of this HOA on two previous occasions, until August 2, 2008.

    Author : tptoem (IP: , mail.sudler.net)
    E-mail : tptoem@gmail.com
    Now that Paula is back do you think she will send her husband to threaten anyone who disagree or questions her practice of no bid work for her landscaper. I hope so. It made for a much better association when it was run through threats and intimidation.

    Author : tptoem (IP : , mail.sudler.net)
    E-mail : tptoem@gmail.com

    August 7, 2008 at 1:19 am
    tptoem Says:
    I didn’t disagree. I said “It made for a much better association when it was run through threats and intimidation

  3. chicago39 Says:

    What a sad, sad commentary when we have comments like this from the former board treasurer, plus the postings of the current presdent on the HOA website and Yahoo Groups sites. Most specifically, the three most recent mailings the president sent to the membership and the negative postings from the current board secretary. Is it any wonder why there is so much discord in this devlopment? These men are continually throwing gas on the fire with their constant mud slinging, innuendos, and continual attacks against the former female president and the previous board. What charcater traits would you need to keep up this type of activity? I guess I just answered my own question. I can only imagine that the current president and/or secretary will keep up this method of operation. It is very apparent THESE MEN like the discord in this development. It is very unfortunate that these attacks will never allow this development to heal and once again be a great place to live. Everyone is now fully aware that as long as these three men remain in this development, peace and tranquility will never be the norm as it relates to the HOA.

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