A Posting on the HOA Website

This was posted for Stephanie Brown by board member Cara Koen.  
Stephanie Brown writes………….
I find it unfair that the “board” used the mail, at our expense, to cast blame.  I don’t ever want another letter like that again.  We are a tiny subdivision in a hamlet of a town in the middle of nowhere.  Why would we be inferring voter fraud against anyone?  These are unpaid positions and I see nothing to be gained.  I gave Paula Mueller my proxy to vote for me and I am confident that is the case with the others.  I am appalled and angered that some board members, speaking for all, chose to spend our money to mail this letter with the sole intention of discrediting Paula and casting any blame away from themselves.  In all actuality, it just showed the pettiness of the author.  Never spend our money so heedlessly!  Times are tough, people are struggling, and money is being wasted.  Be assured no one will willingly accept an increase in dues in light of all this mess!  If Tony and others feel it in our best interest to resign, then by all means, resign.  Do not expect others to follow your suggestion.  Each person can and should decide for themselves.
That being said, I would like to volunteer to help, Cara.  I work several jobs, but I would like to find time to begin to set things right.
Stephanie Brown

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