IMPORTANT-Burglaries In Our Development

Homeowner Dan Ward writes…….

I hate to distract from the ongoing anonymous trading of postings here and elsewhere but here is something I think the HOA should be concerned about.

Many of us who live here have had our cars/trucks burglarized. We had a satellite radio system stolen from my truck about a month ago. In talking with the sheriff’s deputy that investigated the crime, he related that we (The Estates) have a lot of this type of thing going on. I’ve been watching the crime report in the paper and I discovered he was right. I’ve also talked to many near us and discovered they have had similar experiences. Also, this is not the first time this has happened to us, and I suspect it is true for many of you as well.

Perhaps the HOA could focus on this issue for a while and come up with a plan to combat this. From what the deputy said our neighborhood appears to be an easy mark for this type of crime, and it won’t be long before the more brave of the crooks decide they should go into our homes as well. Maybe a neighborhood watch group or some other such thing would be appropriate? Maybe we should do something to get to know each other better, so our neighbors can tell when strangers are walking around our yards. I know we would a appreciate our neighbors calling the sheriff if they saw someone in our yard without us.

Anyway, it’s just a thought.



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