August 2, 2008 HOA/BOD MEETING

I feel Mr. Robinson should have openly thanked Mr. Spang and Mr. Featherston for their services to the board and the HOA. This would have been the correct gesture and professional thing to do and would have given the audience a chance to applaud their services. No matter what your feelings, they have served us. Everyone on this board, both past and present are volunteering their time for the membership. I also feel  Mr. Robinson should have then congratulated the two newly elected board members, but he did not. Not a mention! This also was not correct. A polite and professional gesture (and a start to end all the negativity) and a show of good faith would have gone a long way to start healing some of the wounds.   This would not have taken but a moment to thank these four people and not cost a thing.  There are hard feelings going around this HOA, and I would have hoped that Mr. Robinson would have taken the first step in making things better. Many in attendance took notice of this and felt it was very unprofessional.  There was a posting on the boards website stating that the board should set the example for everyone and I totally agree. It appears there is a strong possibly that things will not be changing anytime soon, which is very unfortunate.  Anyway, let me be the first then to thank Mr. Spang and Mr. Featherston for their services and welcome Mr. Aschauer and Ms. Mueller to the board.


2 Responses to “August 2, 2008 HOA/BOD MEETING”

  1. kiplinger Says:

    In reading the postings on the HOA’s web site, and on this site I find very hateful wording from tptoem, herbi, fluffyduck, jane mccormck, whom I would all assume to be in Mr. Robinsons camp. Because of these people, I don’t ever see this development getting any better and moving forward. The fluffyduck person writes about stuffing the ballot box with proxys. If I remember corrcetly, at the February meeting Mr. Robinson and Farris brough in a number of proxys for themselves, but I guess that was fine since they did it. I know from first hand knowledge, when a person asked me for my proxy this August, we spoke for a half hour and this person told me exactly how they would vote, on all matters concerning votes for policy statements and for the two open board member positions. In speaking to two friends/neighbors in this development, who also gave their proxys, they told me the same. They were also fully informed ahead of time, and got a return call from this person after the meeting letting them know what had occurred and how they voted. There was no ballot box stuffing. But, since these fluffyduck people are all in Mr. Robinson’s camp, they still keep the hate going. I can only assume all these upstanding people, who are our neighbors and who are Duffy,Robinson,Spang and Featherstone supporters will continue to make this development filled with hate. They clearly don’t want this hoa to be successful, and will make it a hateful place in which we live. Watch the hoa web site very carefully and I’m sure you will continue to see the negative comments against the new board members, since these hateful people need to make them look bad, even before they have taken a seat on the Board. These people have their sites amied at one particular new board member. We all remember how they attacked this person before the February meeting, openly to the membership, both in their mailings and e-mails. They were vicious and these malcontents are at it again. They do not have the best interests of this hoa, but want to muddy the water instead of making suggestions to make this a better place to live. The first board was not perfect, the second was not perfect and this new board will not not be perfect, but the constant attacks since the August 2 meeting is wrong. But, these are your neighbors and they are working to make your development a hostile plcae in which to reside. The herbie’s, tptoems’s, fluffyducks’s, jane mccormik’s all want to make us all look bad. There are many wonderful people residing in this development, who just want what they signed up for when they moved here- just the rules that were in place, not all these mutiple new policy statements, restrictions and high levels of fines.

  2. chicago39 Says:

    Excellent comments. This group is intent on making all of us to be negative. I hope this group will stop. We have a new BOD. Let’s see what they can accomplish and let’s give them our support! I can only imagine that come February a whole new board will be in place.

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