Purpose of this blog

This site will allow property owners the opportunity to receive the latest information concerning what is happening in the development. This site may allow the membership the opportunity to post questions and comments concerning issues they feel are important. Please be advised that this site may be the opinion of various author(s). The postings from property owners on this site is their opinion,  and the owners of this site take no responsibility for those opinions. This site has been developed and is owned by BAM/BAC LTD.


3 Responses to “Purpose of this blog”

  1. Kent Duffy Says:

    The South Entrance project is a disgrace. Hopefully future board members can learn from our past mistakes. Although I do not profess to know everything about the history of this project, from what I do know, I would offer the following suggestions:
    1. Do not award a $ 10,000 project without at least 3 qualified bidders. In this case there was only one.
    2. Do not pay the contractor before he completes his work. We have lost all leverage in getting the project completed.
    3. To avoid even the appearance of impropriety, do not award the project to someone who also did your personal landscaping, the project with no competitive bids, the project that was paid for before completion

  2. boit08 Says:

    I agree the south entrance is a disgrace. This Board has done nothing to maintain it. All that we are told is that the decorative Estates stone is to be set in place. Why has no one frfom this board done a vegatation killing off the weeds and grasses. How come nothing has been planted as to flowers bushes and mulching the area? The area could have been sculptured out, plantings added and mulched. It is a disgrace, but it’s that way because of this board. You and Robinson are purposely making it look like a disgrace to make the previous board look bad, just like the pathway. You are a disgrace. You and the board have the responsibilty to maintain and plant that area. This crap about waiting for the landscaper to finsih is a bunch of BS. Since early spring this board had the resposibilty to make it look acceptable but you guys can’t even get that right. You are a disgrace. You should all resign and let someone on the board that knows what their doing. All you guys know is to place the blame on someone else..what a disgrace.

  3. a concerned mother Says:

    The board of robinsen, duffy,spang, featherstone and coen did nothing at the south entrance just to make the others look like the bad guys. That area should have been maintaned, mulched and planted regardless of the stone marker not being there. Why have they just let it go to tall weeds? That area could have been pl;anted with trees flowers and plants early this spring. robinsen again was showing someone up just like he was showing up depaulo and the path. Look what happened to that. The path is a disgrace, weeds an washed out areas. This is but another of failed polices, that being passing the blame on someone else and not accpeting any responsibilty. Did depaulo ever cough up any more money for the path, I don;t think so. We have taken our lives in our hands all year by the path being unssafe and what did we gain nothing. We were told the path would be repaired the end of August, but it has not. We are almost into November and the path and the south entrance are embarrassing, This blame goes directly to the board and no one else. They had the responsibility to maintain and keep us safe, but that did not happen. They are a disgrace. I cant even take my children on the path because it is so bad, and driving into the south entrane is terrible. Thank you tony.

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